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believe in krieger

believe in krieger

Dec 8

That’s a little clip of Mia Hamm speaking the night she, Joy, and Foudy retired.

I can’t really formulate thoughts on this being the anniversary of their retirement. I don’t know. Many of you know I was at their last game in LA. I wore my high school t-shirt from Lake Braddock, where Mia was my classmate. I remember practically nothing about the game, other than when HAO came in and Mia wearing the Garciaparra jersey for the second half and just feeling, really, really proud and sad. All of the pictures I have of this night are so depressing. We all look like we are at a funeral. We kind of felt like we were. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for having been there. But it was hard. We flew from Washington DC, watched the game, spent the night, and flew back to Washington DC the next morning. I was completely gutted and exhausted at the end of it. Not sure people still appreciate what they accomplished. Maybe one day they will. Their legacy was strengthened by this year’s WWC.

I probably shouldn’t even post this, but I wrote it so I guess I will.