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believe in krieger

believe in krieger


Dear people of the Internet,

I really didn’t want to have to make this post, but I can’t bite my tongue anymore so please forgive this little rant.

I sincerely hope all of the dozens of people on Twitter who have retweeted one very uninformed tweet about Ali Krieger coming back from her knee injury to make the Olympics are reading this.

People - Ali has made an incredible recovery and worked her butt off to get back to training with her club team in Germany. We are impressed and inspired by what she’s accomplished already.

But she is not in the Olympics. She is not on the Olympic roster. She will not be in London.

Can we please stop @ mentioning her on Twitter saying she is? What on earth gave you the impression she was on the Olympic roster? Are you unable to read? I’m sure Ali is really enjoying reading mention after mention about her amazing Olympic comeback. It’s utterly embarrassing.

With any luck, she is not paying a bit of attention to Twitter and is focused on her FFC Frankfurt season and her actual comeback.